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  1. After reading the whole story, why do you think the author chose to begin the story in the mall parking lot?

  2. What secret was Lulu keeping from her parents? Why do you think Lulu kept this secret? What do you think would have happened if Lulu was honest with her parents about her memory? What advice would you give Lulu?

  3. Why does Lulu decide to research the brain?

  4. What is one thing you learned about the brain that you found interesting?

  5. Why did Lulu think her memory was the key to helping Gram?

  6. What qualities do Olivia and Max have that makes them good friends to Lulu?

  7. Why does Lulu worry she might lose her friendship with Olivia?

  8. In what ways might Lulu have been a better friend to Olivia?

  9. Why does Lulu think she needs to find the truth about Gram’s past?

  10. Why does Gram tell stories about her old friend Jacob?

  11. What do you think learning about Gram’s secret taught Lulu?

  12. Why do you think Lulu finally chose to trust her parents with her own secret?

  13. What have you learned about the memory?

  14. Why do you think we remember some things more than others?

  15. What is your favorite memory?

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